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What to Expect

Healthy Parents = Healthy Puppies

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~ Genetic Testing ~

​Any breeding Aussie entering our program is genetically tested for the full Australian Shepherd Panel of genetic markers. The markers are for specific diseases commonly found in Australian Shepherds. By understanding the genetic status for any breeding pair, we are able to eliminate genetic diseases from our breeding lines and produce genetically healthy puppies.


~ We're there for them! ~

We provide the best care for all of our dogs and puppies by ensuring that they are fed, vaccinated, loved, handled, trained and cared for properly from birth through old age. For our puppies, we know that socializing them early helps them gain confidence, adjust to new situations and eliminates many of their fears as they transition to new homes. Our puppies are born and raised inside our home up to 3 weeks of age. From 3-8 weeks, they are raised in our covered outdoor enclosure that includes a huge dog house that easily holds 12 frisky puppies and Mom.  In this environment, there is plenty of room to play and explore during the day and makes a safe warm home to cuddle with Mom at night. We spend many hours with them… and who wouldn’t want to?  Our new puppy owners often comment on how easily their new puppy transitions into their home and that they’re relatively easy house break as well! 

The following is performed for each puppy before leaving our care: Vet checked within 24 -48 hours of birth, tails and dew claws removed shortly after birth; Dewormed at 4-6 weeks of age; First round of vaccinations at 8 weeks (Canine Distemper & Parvo)

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~ From our Home to Yours ~

Upon pickup, you'll receive the following list of items from us:

- Sales Contract

- Health Guarantee

- AKC Registration Application

AKC New Puppy Pack

New Puppy Owner Handbook

Litter Registration

- Genetic Health Certificate (Dam & Sire)

- Vaccination Record

- 30-Day Insurance through AKC with registration

- A take-home bag of puppy goodies

You're not only receiving a puppy, but also our support at every stage of their life. I will assist you anyway I can. If for any reason you are unable to keep your dog, please let us know and we will take the puppy back and rehome him or her. We like to stay very connected with you and always welcome emails, text or phone calls. We absolutely love pictures!

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