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Testimonial 1: “She’s been such a perfect addition to the family. Rufus absolutely loves her. They wrestle and play nonstop every morning for about 3 hours.  Just want to thank you again for bringing her into our lives!”

Testimonial 2: "When deciding on a new family dog, Australian Shepherds always interested me. Initially it was just their beautiful coats and eyes but I knew I had to learn much more about the breed to see if they would be a good fit for me.

Once I read about how intelligent they were, how active they can be and how loving they can be...I knew I had chosen the right breed. Luna has shown all of those characteristics and more. Full of energy and a caring nature as well. Dr. Jane helped me with any questions 


I had along the way and gave me plenty of information about the breed beforehand. What makes Luna special is her ability to balance fun time, relaxing time and communicating. Luna was following basic commands around the 2nd week after brought her home !  So glad I made this decision !”

Testimonial 3: “Bindie is a great dog. She is always by my side. Lol.  She is my little shadow.  She is very athletic and her coat is silky and beautiful!    She is spoiled rotten and does not like me to pet any animals but her!  We take long walks every night. She is trained off leash. She also listens well. She has a very gentle and kind nature. She is smart but has that dumb silly puppy look still. Lol

Everywhere I go that dog is with me on my bed under my feet lays her head on my lap. She is so loving.

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